Thursday, 29 January 2009

Have Liverpool blown it for another year?

The race for the title is well and truly on this year. Liverpool had the upper hand before the Christmas break, and looked like this year is the best chance they've had to win the Premiership for some time. However, poor displays against sides you would expect Liverpool to beat, have left them in a bit of a pickle.

Manchester United have climbed back up to their home territory, otherwise known as the top of the league, looking in as good form as they have done all season. They are still on to win a royal flush: FIFA Club World Cup, Champions League, Premiership, FA Cup and Carling Cup.

Gerrard may be pleading not guilty for assault in court, but on the pitch, he needs to lead the assault for the title, as his side are struggling for three points at present.

With a huge game ahead of them against Chelsea this weekend, the pressure to win is at its highest. We know they have a good record against Chelsea, and they will need to prove it if there is any chance of preventing Manchester United and Chelsea from snatching the title dream away from them.

A questioned that needs to be asked though, is what is the cause behind this run of drawn matches, and the failure to claim three points? Is it simply poor form or can the manager, Rafael Benitez, be to blame? Has Rafa been too busy having little digs at Sir Alex and suggesting that United are a 'bit scared' of Liverpool, when he should have been noticing their return to form?

Both the race for the Premiership winner and Champions League spots are still on, and possibly an even more exciting battle to avoid relegation is ongoing. Surely an exciting finale to the season is on the cards.


  1. Writing this on Sunday 1st Feb just after the Liverpool win over Chelsea it is likely that they have perhaps not blown it. Bit of a nuisance really for the headline writers were no doubt sharpening the pencils, and knives for Benitez.

    The press this morning had Adams at Portsmouth, Hughes at Man City and Kinnear at Newcastle all walking the tightrope. In amongst the 'which manager will go next' was the odd match report.

    Tomorrow the headlines will be Liverpool hanging on to the tail of Manchester United.

    What is much more interesting is the other end of the table, or more accurately the bottom two thirds of the table. No fewer than 12 clubs are within a couple of wins or losses of the relegation zone. No team is adrift and the drop is a real threat.

    I wonder which, if any of the ever so knowledgeable pundits are going to pick the three to go down. Silly really to speculate and be proved wrong, much more fun to stick the knife in to some manager who lost over the weekend!

  2. TC, loved the assault on the pitch line!! Can we expect a blog on Spurs' continuing woes? Your insight would be appreciated. We could forward it to 'Arry!

  3. 'Arry to go next, what are the odds at Ladbrokes for the manager to be sacked. Who got the Chairmans vote of confidence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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